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-Local Hong Kong Delivery

Because of the geographical location of Hong Kong, trading activity has been active in the region for a long period of time. It serves as a hub for goods to come in and go out to different parts of the world. As the local transportation is so well developed, we will make sure your goods can get from A to B in the most efficient fashion safely.

- China Hong Kong Delivery

As Hong Kong is connected to China in so many ways, we will take advantage in all of them considering which part of China the delivery is going to. Our partners scatter around many ports in China. It is still a big country but doesn’t feel that way anymore.

- International Sea Transportation

We can send the goods for you from Hong Kong or China to anywhere in the world. The documents for importing and exporting can sometimes be a hassle so we can take care of that for you as well. Declare for inspection; prepay transportation or any other additional fare, balance the payment of customs clearance arrangement, insurance, and any other procedures that needs to be done in different countries.

-International Air Transportation

International Freight forwarding works for LCL & FCL cargo to/from HK and oversea.
LCL & FCL cargo to/from Hong Kong and GuangDong Province
Door to Door delivery arrangement
Feel free to talk to us regarding any air transport arrangement. We will try to meet your needs.


Cargo Loading and Cargo Vanning/Devanning
Cargo Storage
Inventory report
Packing, Unpacking, repacking and Sorting services
Labeling, Marking and any rearrangement or processing of goods